Sandcastles to Empires

"How to Start With Nothing and Create
Great Wealth!"

Michael E Enlow

It's amazing how few believe me when I tell them of the fortunes I've made - over and over - starting with nothing...  

My system is simple. It makes use of the fact that most people don’t understand or appreciate what it takes to create more wealth and income by - 


"I am appalled at how so few business owners leverage off of their hard earned assets. These are assets every business owner has, and too often simply fail to recognize the inherent value they're overlooking - or in many cases don't even realize. This is where you fit in... Fortunes have been made by following this simple step-by-step system. You'll create wealth for EVERYONE! My program is not a "self serving" - "I win and you lose" program. It is a program where I (and soon you will) share my incredibly simple techniques for creating profit centers, starting from scratch, where everyone wins".   MICHAEL E. ENLOW 

"The teacher, if indeed wise, does not bid you enter the house of their wisdom, but leads you to the threshold of your own mind."  
Kahil Gibran

How To Create Wealth From Other's Overlooked Assets And
Be The "Knight in Shining Armor" For Doing It!

Sometimes I feel like I have the only pair of "macroscopic glasses" (to see the big picture) when examining businesses and the many opportunities for creating additional cash flow. 

Almost every business I consult has no less than 3 (and often 10) different ways to almost immediately create additional cash flow from their existing efforts, clients and advertisements. 

What I will be sharing with you is one of the most simple of these concepts I call "Joint Venture Alliances" or Co-Ventures. I will assume you have no knowledge of marketing for the benefit of those of you who are less familiar with my marketing techniques. 

Let's begin. 

I've discovered many working marketing concepts and systems. All of them are centered around one thing. LEVERAGE! They are centered around HOW to leverage to get greater profits and greater satisfaction out of every dollar spent and every effort expended.  

Over the years, I've learned, every business has one need in common – the need to create more cash flow than they spend on overhead. Tens of thousands of businesses do this very successfully. Unfortunately, they overlook many opportunities to gain greater leverage and reap greater rewards from what they do. It takes just as much energy to create an advertisement that gets 100 sales (or leads) as it does to get 1000. I teach how to test headlines, packaging, pricing, etc. to gain greater leverage on your advertising. However, this report is going to address one of the fastest and easiest ways you can teach almost any business owner to INCREASE HIS OR HER PROFITS BY AS MUCH AS 300% and do so with nobility. 

One of the most ridiculous mistakes and oversights in marketing is the failure to recognize the true value of the relationship a business owner has with his or her customers, vendors and others they deal with on a daily basis. Properly utilizing this overlooked asset can mean thousands and often tens of thousands of dollars in increased revenue and the status of nobility as well. 

I'll explain. 

When someone makes a purchase they prefer buying from someone they trust and who has treated them fairly in the past. If I were to rent a "cold list" (a list of names of people who know nothing about me, my company, product, service or offer) I may, with a well crafted sales letter or presentation, get a 1 to 3 percent response on the offer. However, if you go to the owner of that same list and structure a deal where the owner writes or presents the VERY SAME OFFER, you will see a response that is so much greater it boggles the mind. I've seen responses to this type of offer (we'll call this an "endorsed offer") that skyrocket to as high as 33%! This is an INCREASE in response of between 1100 - 3300 percent! 

Accordingly, you can literally earn a fortune by showing others how to use this principle by creating win/win deals. A good example of using this concept happened this past Christmas with a client of mine who is in the pharmacy business. My client had approximately 10,000 customers on file, all of which loved and trusted my client for the excellent service they had received over the years. However, I discovered my client had never ever used this asset of trust to do a noble win/win deal to properly utilize this incredible asset. 

Unfortunately too many business people are myopic (nearsighted – cannot see the big picture) in their observation of their business. They fail to realize that although they sell pharmaceutical products and supplies, all their customers still purchase other products and services like dry cleaning, groceries, cars, insurance, accounting services, etc. The relationship with their customers provides a business owner with the incredible opportunity to use the "endorsed offer". By doing a Joint Venture, wherein they recommend or refer their customers to another professional and noble company, they could take a percentage of the profits from the newfound business they create for the company they endorse. 

In this particular situation I learned they were friends with a jeweler in town and Christmas was rapidly approaching. I saw an instant jackpot. By the way, these deals can be created without a prior relationship with the vendor you will endorse. 

Here's a brief overview of what can happen
with Joint Ventures or "Endorsed Offers".

I immediately contacted the jeweler and interviewed him to get the "golden nuggets" to create a letter for my pharmacy clients to share with their customers. I learned he regularly flew to New York to purchase diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones but, more importantly, he purchased in quantity by teaming up with a fellow jeweler in New Orleans where he literally saved a fortune by buying in bulk.   Sales Letter Example. 

We drafted a letter similar to this:

Wyatt and Smith Pharmacy

From the Desk of Mr and Ms. Smith
Thursday, 9:38 AM

Anywhere, USA

Dear Friends, 

Last week my wife and I were browsing through the many Christmas card binders to select a suitable Christmas card to mail to you, our customer, to express our appreciation for your patronage. 

Of the many hundreds of Christmas cards we had to select from we couldn't find a single card that expressed our heart felt feelings and appreciation to you as a customer. After all, it is customers like you that helped us to send our two children through college and build our business to be one of the most successful pharmacies in the city. Frankly, I decided to say thank you in a very special way - with actions, not words. 

Let me explain. 

One of my dearest friends is a local jeweler, who has the largest selection of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, watches, and other inventory in the area, but more importantly, he has developed an incredible method of wholesale purchasing that allows him to save a fortune. 

As we were talking, I explained how I wanted to do something very special for my friends and customers this Christmas that would express my gratitude for your business. I further explained how I wanted to do something that would benefit you and thus express my thanks with ACTIONS rather than just WORDS in a Christmas card. 

After a bit of "arm twisting" he agreed to allow my customers who bring in this letter to his store, during their Christmas shopping, to have a 20% discount! This is good for any purchase you may wish to make this year. In doing this I am saying Thank you to you in my own special way. Since he is providing you with the finest quality jewelry he believes that you will continue to be his customer for years to come. He agreed. 

So, feel free to take this letter to XYZ Jewelers anytime between now and Christmas and you will receive a "privileged discount" of 20 percent off any purchases as well as VIP treatment from my friend. 

Since almost everyone buys jewelry during Christmas my wife and I felt this to be a much better way of saying thank you than any card we may ever send. 

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas. 

Don and Susan Smith, XYZ Pharmacy 

PS. Oh yea, he did request that I ask you to "slide this letter" to him in an inconspicuous way so his other customers won't feel slighted. They aren't getting this VIP discount. Please do me this kind favor when you go in. 

Now... Think about it... What do you supposed happened?

This letter of endorsement became the pharmacy's "Christmas Card" for this past year. We had pre-arranged a special deal where XYZ Pharmacy would receive half of the new found profits from everyone who came in. Because of that we earned an incredible $87,550 mailing Christmas cards instead of the $2500 loss one would normally have when mailing 10,000 people. 

The jeweler was delighted after a brief "marketing education" of how a certain percentage of these new-found customers would become lifelong customers. 

This education is the key to getting the most from deals like this. 

Let me share the approach, the psychology, and powerful leverage
unleashed by this strategy and why it works so well...

First, you have to understand that most people fail to realize the life time value of a customer. This is where the Joint Venture associate you wish to approach must be educated. It is here that you will experience the true inherent value of this entire concept. Marketing expertise will only enhance the effect -- like marksmanship will only more accurately direct your bullet to your target.  The greatest advantage to this concept over others, is despite the marketing method you may choose to apply, you will succeed despite yourself and your shortcomings in most instances. 

Few realize the "residual value" of new-found customers. Not all customers will come back again. This will be true even if you give them the best quality, pricing and service. However, a certain percentage of them will come back. In this case over 2780 people took the pharmacist up on his offer. The jeweler gave away the lion's share of the front end profit but he will earn *much more* than most realize. Here's a hypothetical example: 

Assume only 10 percent of those who took advantage of the offer were to return, the following year and the average purchase the following year was only $500. The jeweler not only profited from the initial deal but he will earn an additional $70,000 he may have never had if it wasn’t for the pharmacist's referral. Jewelry is generally "keystone" pricing (meaning the jeweler sells for approximately a 100% mark-up). If only ten percent of the people return and spend an average of $500 that will bring in an additional $139,000. 

At keystone pricing that's an additional $69,500 profit the jeweler will enjoy from this deal! 

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that satisfied customers may return year after year creating profits the jeweler would have never enjoyed without the referral and Joint Venture of the pharmacist. Are you beginning to see The possibilities? They are astronomical! 

Deals like these can be made with car dealers, contractors, dentists, restaurants and almost any kind of business you can imagine. The beauty of it is that THIS IS A WIN/WIN DEAL FOR EVERYONE and you get paid for arranging the deals. 

Other Approaches That Work Like Magic

In the example above we used Christmas as a "reason why" but a host of reasons to do deals like these can be created... You may approach the market with reasons like: 

*"We’ve just discovered the most incredible..." 

*"We've learned of a secret method..." 

*"Since my friend is just getting off the ground..." 

*"This is the most incredible way for you to..." 

*"It's only fair we tell you before the rest of the world learns." 

*"We felt we would be remiss if we didn't get you the first opportunity to try..." 

  The number of approaches are unlimited! 

I can't think of a single business that couldn't make more money by properly utilizing their customer base through endorsing a quality product or service. 

Are you getting this? Are you beginning to see why this is the NUMBER ONE strategy for us marketing professionals? Are You Ready? Want to Know How You Can Begin to Get These Kinds of Lucrative Deals? 

One of the most successful ways to get deals like these is to approach the target market with a pitch like this....

"If I show you how to properly utilize an asset you are overlooking and make you look like the "Knight in Shining Armor" would you be willing to share the new-found profits I make for you at a rate of fifty cents on the dollar?" 

There are no hard and fast rules. You should structure the deal in whatever way you must. The above has proven itself to be a great approach especially when you explain you'll guarantee the cost to do the deal and take your profits after the costs are returned. I will fund these kind of deals all day although it is not necessary as most will "see the light" after a few minutes. 

How To Insure You Get Paid - And Risk Not a Dime? 

I use a contract of non-disclosure, stipulating the terms of the arrangement, before I ever share the secret to using this incredible concept.  Because so many of you have asked for it - Ive put together a video lesson, copies of the letters you need to find these deals, and more... I'll tell you more about that later. But, you are about to discover this is as close to winning the lottery as you'll probably ever get. I am living proof these deals work - and anyone can do this. I've done deals with Gary North, Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Ron LeGrand, Brad Richdale, Gary Halbert, Bob Morrison, Ben Suarez, Robert Allen, Ted Thomas, Michael Penland, Scott French, and so many more. I have forgotten more than I can remember...

Some of these deals made as little as a few thousand dollars, up to mid-range of thirty thousand dollars, others as much as seven digits - in as little as 30 to 60 days. You too can do this, even if all you have is a basic understanding of marketing.  However, in these last few weeks - and since this report has been re-published (by consent) in my friend Robert Allen's book, "Multiple Streams of Internet Income", I've decided to make it possible for you to get an incredible gift... It's sort of my retirement gift to go along with this report, to give you all you'll need to succeed.

I've Spent A Small Fortune Building The Ultimate Training Tool
That Can Make You A Wizard In Marketing Almost Overnight!
I'll Tell You All About That At The End of This Report, Ok?

When you approach someone to do a deal - especially when you are "marrying up two people" for profit, the more you understand about marketing, the easier you can sell them on this concept. If you appear very knowledgeable, and prepared to present yourself as a "business consultant" or a "marketing consultant" you will want to dazzle them with as many ideas, as fast and furious as possible. The many ideas you can throw at them -- showing your command of business and marketing, the less likely they are to think they can "out-perform" you and steal the idea and try to do what you've proposed on their own.

It is important you are well prepared for the venture you are proposing, so read up on everything you can, review every competitor, etc., and prepare well before you make the approach. Before you give too many specifics, be sure you've got them "sold" or "on the hook" that you have a way -- (in fact, you've already shown them 10 in your opening few minutes), to make them X dollars -- but you first need to get them to sign your non-disclosure agreement, at which time you and they can "open up and discuss more details", at which time you can then open up and tell them how a JV will ALWAYS out-perform any other deal, and you want to apply a few of the concepts you've already shared, but using the joint venture approach - which always makes more money -- and creates a win/win for everyone.

Remember, it is very important you read books like Claude Hopkins, "My Life in Advertising", and "Scientific Advertising" as well as any others most of you already have laying around your homes. If you don't be sure to get in touch with my office and tell them you need some basic marketing info, and we'll set you up. After all, the main reason  I wrote this report was to leave a legacy - by giving to as many of you guys as I can now that I'm retiring.

If You Need Help With The Concepts of Direct Marketing, I've Got A GREAT SURPRISE Just For You!

I'll Be Telling Your All About This $15,000.00 Gift (YES THAT'S FIFTEEN GRAND!) At The End of This Report, To Be 100% Certain You Have Everything Needed To Succeed In Your Marketing Endeavors. Keep Reading...

Yes, you MUST BE more knowledgeable than they, or you risk having them simply take your idea and do it themselves. Who can blame them?  Think about it... If you aren't good at writing ad copy, or creating promotions, know nothing about writing killer headlines, bundling, bonuses, guarantee policy, price breaks, what fonts work best, what kinds of campaigns are working most effectively, in various industries, etc., etc., how can you expect them to want to hire you. If you don't have the knowledge do you know enough about "spying" to find out?  I do!  And it's time you did too!

You see, while using this concept will work EVEN WHEN ANY OTHER WOULDN'T, it is a waste to half do it - and make only a fraction of what you should when a properly investigated and properly prepared one would make...

TEN TIMES More Money If You Know What You're Doing - And Have A Good
Understanding About Creating A Winning Sales Process!

Whether it's a opening letter like the one above or a direct mail letter, or a campaign of radio spots, TV spots, inserts or "ride-a-longs" in with the cable company's billing, or an insert in a newsletter, or newspaper, or whatever -- you must be able to have a comprehensive, believable and intelligent conversation in order to convince a business owner of average intellect that you can do this better than he - or he has no reason to hire you, and frankly he may not need to run the risk of hiring you when he/she may can do it better than you.  Get that?

I'm not going to let you cheat anyone - so until and unless you are willing to LEARN MARKETING and READ WHAT I TELL YOU - you really don't deserve all that I'm giving you here. I know that sounds hard, but it's a fact. I'm giving you gold and if you aren't willing to learn what it takes to open the gift, then frankly it's time to go back to buying someone's get rich quick Internet Marketing Course. I don't sell garbage, but I do expect you to work hard if you want the kind of freedom I'm trying to share with you here.

Are You Prepared to Buckle Down and
ACCEPT THE GIFTS I'm Trying To Give You?

Yes, it is true this conept will work even for the less educated ones among you. And yes, you could get by -- and make a good bit of money without really trying. However, that would be close to theft since you are SHARING in TWO OTHERS' ASSETS and since you are SHARING in THEIR assets if you aren't doing your BEST then by proxy you are stealing. Is that clear? And since I want no part in theft - I've devised a way to help all three of you - by insuring you have the proper education (at least teh best I can give you free) and in so doing feel good about what I'm giving you here...

Joint Venture Campaigns Work Even if You're Not a AAA Marketing Wizard! Yes, Where A Pro May Get a 20% Response - Even A Half-Assed Writer Can Still Get A Higher Conversion Ratio From An Endorsed Mailing Than Any Other Kind... That's The Greatness Behind My Best Kept Secret Marketing System.

Endorsed Mailings ALWAYS Pull As High as Three To One
Over A "Cold List" Mailing!

Again, the rules are not set in granite. You should be as flexible as you need to be to get the deal. It all depends on the size, volume and type of deal and your involvement in the deal. 

As I said, you may want to change the amount you charge to share the deal, based on the previously mentioned factors. However, you can earn a very lucrative income using this concept by simply showing business men and women how to re-deploy their existing assets and sell other products and services to their own customers several times a year..

How Do You Get Started?

Getting started is easy. All you have to do is identify the deal and write a letter similar to the one below. Also, be sure you follow up the letter with a phone call. DO NOT share the intellectual property you have to offer until you have your agreement signed and "in hand" by both or all parties who will be participating.

Here's a sample "door opener" which will ring your phones off the hook, just be "studied up" on the many ways you can work with the list (customer) owner so you can have several potential products and/or services you can offer him/her. This will be much easier for you if you can afford the Masters of Marketing Program, but even if you can't - I've put together an overall Joint Venture course for you guys on tight budgets. I believe you'll find it will get you started to where you will be able to make the money to afford my higher priced information.

This is the "sample door opener" letter, and remember, play around with it, make it *your letter*... Just write like you speak - forget about perfect english. Just speak truth. Talk to people like you want to be talked to. You'll find that a honest - and truthful approach will go a long way.

Dear Store Owner:

My name is Mike Enlow (your name). I am a marketing consultant who specializes in creating immediate additional cash flow at literally no cost to you.

Over the years I've developed a number of intellectual property concepts which have proven themselves to increase cash flow almost immediately by using little known and overlooked techniques.

People from almost every business and industry have been tested and the concepts I want to share with you work in almost every instance. I have already taken the liberty to look over your business and am certain I can create a surprisingly large amount of cash for you. I will do so on a strict contingency basis. In fact, since I have already found the perfect deal for you, I will put my money into the marketing of the concept.

I will call you on Tuesday or Thursday, to discuss this in greater detail, all I ask is that you call my voice mail, state your company name and specify the day that's best for you so we can get together and get the show on the road.

I do these type deals nationwide, so please call right away so I can fit you into my schedule on the days specified. I can guarantee that you will be blown away and quite surprised by how this new concept can add to your bottom line in a matter of weeks... I do all the work, and you reap the benefits.

Since I am very selective in the clients I pick to share this incredible concept I must ask you sign an "Intellectual Property Rights Agreement" before I can tell you the details of the deal I have in mind for you.


Your Name

Marketing Firm Name

PS. If the dates I've specified are inconvenient for you, go ahead and call just to let me know you are interested. I'll try to arrange a time that is mutually convenient since the deal I have in mind for you is rather significant.

You can be assured that you will get the call. Just set up a voice mail-box and be sure to find the matching product or service before you mail the letter. Just do a bit of research to find out what the "common denominator" may be between the business owners customers - and if necessary get to know a few of the customers - an informal interview may just show you *exactly* what the customers would *love to have* - that you can arrange for them, so the business owners both look like they are :the best thing since sliced bread..."

Many products will sell well when endorsed by the business owner to their own customers. However, you will do much better to "brainstorm" over a prospective client's suggestions before you make the offer. And as I said before - and I can't stress this enough - you should make a few house calls to be sure you can put the offer together - to make the greatest profit possible, while making sure both business owners are happy with your services. As I said earlier, you need to educate one side regarding the "lifetime value" of gaining new customers in order to get the best deal. You can often get as much as 100% of the profit of the sales made by your endorser by simply explaining this misunderstood marketing principle.

How To Get the Sweetest Deals

If I were starting from scratch I would seek out product sales companies. These deals are the easiest to get. When you work with attorneys, accountants and others the money trickles in slowly. With product sales the money comes in over a two to three week period.

Look for those companies who already have an established customer database and, more importantly, have a good, strong relationship with their customers. A stronger relationship provides a stronger endorsement. A stronger endorsement provides greater profits. Here are some examples of companies who have a strong relationship with their customers: newsletter publishers, software vendors, chiropractors, radio stations, internet service providers, insurance agents, pharmacists, landscaping experts, etc. They're too numerous to list. Just look for deals where the endorser has a lot of contact with the customer. Preferably, they should at least be in contact with their customers on a monthly basis.

Why Every New Marketer Should Start With Joint Ventures

One of the reasons this concept works so well is that the endorser is making the pitch and he or she ALREADY has the trust of the customer. You should try to find the deals that will yield the greatest possible income. Not everyone who sees their chiropractor would be interested in landscaping, dry cleaning, or radio advertising. So, your offer needs to be one of general appeal to the market you are trying to sell.. In the case of a chiropractor, I would look for a product which would help people who live in pain or have disabilities. This may be a written report, shark cartilage, or whatever, as long as it meets the demographics of the market. Believe me, no one who has a product or service is going to turn you away as long as the numbers (profit potential numbers) are in their favor.

The world is a big ocean of products and services. You only have to find the one or two products which will yield the greatest possible success to your clients. Not only does this make you more immediate income but it also sets you up to do similar deals with the same clients in the future.

How to Maximize Your Cash Flow from Every Deal

You should look carefully at the easiest client in the world to get - a satisfied and convinced client. This helps you to maximize leverage on every deal you do in order to gain greater and greater income without having to re-sell your concept every time.

For example, if you do a deal with a chiropractor to sell shark cartilage or other pain reliever, the person selling this product also has customers... You can almost immediately find a deal for the endorsee, which will make them a surge in cash flow - exactly as you've done for the endorser. There are no limits to how far you can take this concept, in fact, it is the single greatest way to leverage I know.

Here are a few examples of the kind of deals
I would put together right away:

I would marry car dealers with detail shops who maintain the appearance of cars - and structure the deals where the detail company offers long term (1 year) contracts at a savings of X percentage.

I would introduce dental patients to companies who sell teeth whitener. Get them on a monthly purchase deal where their credit card is automatically billed and the whitener is automatically shipped as long as the customer wants the product.

I would marry Internet service providers with schools who teach how to get more out of the Internet. Also, I would do deals where I bring in software vendors (for an extra profit center) to be introduced to the students each week, month, or whatever period with a contract for a percentage of the profits when students upgrade the software in the long term. This is a trilateral Joint Venture. As you see, the profit potentials are endless!

Another example would be a Joint Venture between a radio station and a restaurant. I would arrange deals where radio advertising sales representatives receive restaurant meal credits for a percentage of the trade value. This gives them an extra edge in their sales efforts by allowing them to take their clients to dinner. Then, in return, have the radio station give the restaurant the benefit of "cost" advertising. (Radio spots selling for $300 may have a true cost to the radio station of only $100. Which gives the restaurant a three to one savings on the radio advertising they are already buying at full price.) You arrange the deal under intellectual property law to receive 20-30% of the "true value" you are rendering to the restaurant.

I would arrange deals where software vendors would share lists and make offers to one another's customer base. Of course I would set it up to take my piece of the pie... This is a very lucrative area, especially if you arrange the deal where you continue to get a percentage of upgrades, etc.


I hope you are beginning to see that this is an often overlooked and practically untapped area of marketing where you as a consultant can cash in on other's lack of observation or understanding while doing a noble win/win service in the business community. As with all things, in time, and with study you too will one day do those sweet seven digit deals. The time you spend in study, is a great investment - since your responses will only get greater and greater as you fully understand the "three basic ways to grow a business" (see above) and learn the 1001 ways we as marketing professionals can apply our talents to serve our customers to fully leverage their businesses in all three ways constantly and consciously.

It is with great respect and humility I render these strategies available unto every entrepreneur who lands upon these pages. It's my deepest hope I've given back a word of help like I myself received from the brilliant minds of those who came before me. I've entertained and enjoyed precious time with giants of the advertising world who pushed the boundaries of salesmanship multiplied, and through their kindness made life more pleasant for my family.

It is my pleasure to share that same knowledge with you. Enjoy and remember  this, "as a man believes in his heart, so is he..."

Michael E Enlow


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