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A big problem with getting people to buy online is that they are notorious comparison shoppers.  With so much information and products available at the click of a button, there's a tendency to continue putting off buying things with the hope that they'll find it cheaper (or free) somewhere else.

There are 3 ways to overcome this:

1)  Have a limited time offer 
2)  Give the best deal in town
3)   Make it easy to order

1) For a limited time offer, sell your product/service at a discount price for a temporary length of time.  I'll be getting more into product pricing in another chapter, but the basic idea is that if you want your product to sell for $30, price it at 60 and offer a 50% discount if they order within the next seven days. 

A stronger way is to give an actual cut-off date in your ad that the offer is good for.   The only problem is that you have to remember not to let that offer 'expire' or else people will think they are too late for the deal.

A second limited time offer is to add a valuable free bonus if they order now.   And if your product or free bonus is of limited quantity or may not be available permanently, be sure to point that out.  The scarcer something is, the more it's worth.

2)  Offering the 'best deal in town' does not mean being cheaper than anyone else!   The best way to do this is to 'repackage' what you are selling so that it is different from everyone else's product/service.  The more unique your product can appear, the more you become an 'exclusive distributor' of the product.  What can you do to set yourself apart from your competitors?  Play that up to the hilt, and you'll virtually eliminate the competition!

3)  The easier it is to order, the more orders you will get.  This means:

Credit Cards - Checks by fax - 800 number ordering if possible

The most important thing is to be able to take credit cards.  (See our Resource Chapter for more info)  One of my clients gets well over 90% of their orders by credit card.  If they weren't set up to take them, they'd be losing thousands of dollars.  It's just too much trouble to write and mail a check - especially when your competition is probably taking credit cards.

Credit Cards also make you appear to be a larger, dependable company - even if you package your orders on the kitchen table.

Checks by fax has actually been around for a couple of years, but it's still somewhat little-known.  You don't need an actual signature on a check if the purchase is agreed to by the owner of the account.  If they fax you a check, you can copy the information into a program, print it out, and deposit it just like a regular check.   See our Resource Chapter.


Another way to get people to order now is to offer to get the product to them just as quickly.  If it's information or software, make it downloadable online or email it to them.  If you have to mail it, offer 2 day priority shipped within 24 hours, and if applicable offer them the option of overnight delivery.  By responding to their needs now, you'll get them to buy now.

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