Turn Your Website Into A Web Profit Center

Your sales letter is everything.  Hopefully you've already come up with some new and improved headlines for your product, but where do you go from there? 

Tip #1:  Don't make your ad sound like an ad. 

People don't go online looking to buy something, they go looking for information.   It's your job to 'suck them in' with a well-crafted sales letter that makes it sound like you genuinely want to help them.  Then offer to fix their problem with your product.

Tip #2:  Be friendly, believable, and enthusiastic.

Let your personality come through, and sign your name to it.  People want to deal with people, not Compuserve account # 742122,1125.  Don't make any outrageous claims that you can't support through fact, personal experience, or testimonial.  At the same time, keep your enthusiasm up. 

Tip #3:  Use these kinds of proven 'selling' words and phrases.

irresistible, special, unforgetable, satsfying, honest-to-goodness, spectacular, generous, unlimited, serene, in-depth, ultimate, handy, one-stop shopping, reproducible, whenever you need it, renowned, acclaimed, outstanding, amazingly simple, easy-to-follow, never been easier, within minutes, shocking, tempting, overwhelming, ingenious, skilled, immaculate, rejuvenating, no-holds-barred, uninhibited, enhanced, renewed, critical, invaluable, cash in on, good as gold, rack up profits, trailblazing, deeply satisfying, booming, legendary, high-voltage, electrifying, proven techniques, does the trick, 

. . . And trust me, using those kinds of words really does the trick.

Tip #4: Focus on benefits, not features

Telling what your product does is a feature, and generically describing a feature isn't 1/4 as effective as saying how the feature benefits the reader.  It may seem like virtually the same thing to you, but when described as a benefit, something magical happens - It sinks in the reader's brain and really allows him to process the information - and makes him more likely to buy.


Feature:  With this gas-powered grill, it only takes 10 minutes to start grilling that steak. 

Benefit:  Your family will stop giving you the 'evil eye' as you frantically try to fan the coals in a pathetic attempt to get the fire ready to cook by midnight.

Feature:  Taken once a day, this pill will stop your cat from vomiting up fur balls.

Benefit:  No more getting up on saturday mornings and feeling that repulsive *squish* between your toes as you step into yet another little 'gift' from little Fluffy. 

It's easy to turn a feature into a benefit, and incredibly effective.  Look at this generic list of benefits:

* High profit potential 
* Work at home 
* Low investment

. . . compared to this:

* You can earn more working part-time than you do now at your full-time job 
* Imagine running everything completely from your own home 
* You don't have to risk your hard-earned money to try it out.

Tip #5  Keeping The Reader's Interest

You can't just throw every fact you have at them; you need to pick the most relevent details, the information that they need most to decide to buy from you.  Along the way, you need to keep them interested.  Here's how:

  • Ask questions, and then go on to answer them.
  • Put your strongest selling point first
  • Tell a related story the reader can relate to
  • Use subheadings (mini-headlines) to break things up
  • Use short sentences, short paragraphs, and simple structure.  Have a child read it out loud.  If he/she has trouble, re-write it so they don't.  Just because you are selling a technical product doesn't mean you have to use confusing words to describe it.  People are people, and the simpler language you use, the better everyone will respond to it.
  • Use action verbs and very visual descriptions
The ultimate trick is to test different ads and see what works best.  NO ONE can guarantee whether an ad will be profitable or not.  With that said, these proven methods, tricks, and suggestions will increase your chances 10-fold.  Keep it friendly, like a letter to a friend, and be reassuring and enthusiastic without sounding like a scam artist.

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