Turn Your Website Into A Web Profit Center

You'd be surprised how many people don't ask for the order on their web sites.  At worst, an order form literally can't be found anywhere.  At best, the ordering link is passively, unobtrusively listed.

Both are a mistake.

After you pour your heart out describing the benefits of your product/service and sell your prospect as best you are able, demand action from them.  Don't just put a link that says: 

. . . And don't even say, "If you'd like to order, Click Here".

Say something like, "Order Now To Lock In This Low-Low Price And To Receive All Of The Valuable Free Bonuses!  You must be 100% satisfied in every way or we'll refund every penny.  Click Here to order safely and easily with our secure online order form.  You won't be sorry!"

If you are not making the strongest ordering push you can at the end of your sales information, you're just flat-out losing money, and that's all there is to it.

Put a link to your order page on every page in your web site - including pages that just have free reports and things on it.  After all, that's the whole POINT of free reports is to draw people in to get them to order your products, so don't be shy:

Point Them To The Order Form!

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