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Search Engines & Meta Tags

Search Engine "Secrets" aren't secrets any more.  There's been more written about them than any other method of marketing your product online.  The only problem is that the way the top search engines rank pages is always changing, so what got you a top listing last month might get your pages removed today.

I'm going to cover all aspects of search engines, but I want to focus on the crucial point that a lot of people miss or gloss over, which is this: 

  A Search Engine Listing Is A Classified Ad

==>  A Classified Ad Is A Headline

My point?  Getting listed as high as possible in the search engines is important, but unless your description is compelling, intriguing, and motivating, it won't get clicked on anyway.

Suppose you got listed #1 in a search engines with the following listing:

     Richardson & Sasch Accounting Services
     Tax services, bookkeeping, filing

Hmmm.  Congratulations on being #1, but what is someone's motivation to go to your page?  Why do they think you can help them any more than someone else?  And why should they trust someone who has a Freeyellow homepage and isn't serious enough about business to even have a professional web site?  (A lot of people never click on 'free' web site addresses because they figure it's not worth their time.)

Compare the above listing to this one:

     Cut Your Tax Bill In Half - Legally!
     Free report by tax experts reveals amazing little-known 
     deductions that will keep Uncle Sam out of your wallet. 

(www.tax-experts.com was chosen randomly for this example.) 

The point is, while you want to get listed as high as you can in the search engines, it shouldn't be at the expense of making your 'classified ad' worse, because if your 'ad' isn't good, people won't click on it anyway.

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