Confessions Of An Internet Profit-Maker



A major mistake being made online is trying to sell the same products in the same way that everyone else is selling.  It doesn't work well in retail, and it doesn't work online.  If 10,000 sites are selling the identical item that you are, there's not particularly good reason for someone to but it from you - unless you give them one.

If you are 'starting from scratch' and looking for a product to sell online, look for something unique.

Things that sell very well:

  • Computer Hardware / Software
  • Information Products of all sorts (Books, Home Study Courses)
  • Travel packages 
  • Money Making/Saving Information & Programs
  • Health Items: Vitamins, Herbs, Weight Loss, Home Remedies
  • Sex/Pornography (But the market is very saturated at this point, and from a personal perspective I advise against it.)

Most likely, you don't have a completely unique product to sell, but that's not a problem:

The trick is to re-package what you have into a fresh package.

I know people who successfully sell the same old, tired, been-around-the-block-and-then-some reports that tons of people give away free!   Their secret?  Re-packaging them into a different combination, and writing a unique ad for them that makes people want to buy. 

A lot of it isn't so much what you are selling as how you are selling it.  Be creative and come up with a new angle to sell your products that is different than the rest.

The bottom line: 
Sell Solutions To People's Problems

-- And don't forget that's what your customers are looking for - Solutions.  They don't care about you, what you've done, how long your company has bla, bla...   They just want a solution to their problem.  If you can provide that solution, they'll buy.

I'm not suggesting that other products/services besides what I listed above don't sell online, but I believe those are the best sellers.  The internet is perfect for 'niche' products - Products that might not have enough of a customer base in your home town can still do great in the global market.  The key is to test out new products as inexpensively as possible online to find out if you've got a winner, and then roll-out your campaign from there - or after testing it inexpensively and failing, scrapping it for another product.

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