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To Java Or Not To Java? 
That Is The Question.

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the arrows of outrageous misfortune, or...<ahem>

The answer to this question is very simple:  If your goal is to sell a product, any java, tricks, and effects you use will take your site longer to load and make your reader wait longer to read the information you have to give him, which is the most important thing.

With that said, if your web site is technologically oriented, or part of the reason that your web site exists is to look impressive and advanced, java can make your web site do some 'cool' things.  The main danger is that 'cool' turns to 'worn out - been there - done that" pretty quickly.  For instance, if I see another web site with a spinning globe on it... you get the point.  Trendy tricks have a habit of becoming over-used and outdated very quickly, because everyone is constantly monitoring and copying each other.


Using java will almost certainly crash some browsers or at the very least give script errors, which look bad.   Not your browser, maybe.  Not your friend's browser.  But that doesn't mean it won't crash some other browser.  Because of this fact, you have to create alternate pages to be viewed by browsers that don't support java.  I gave you a redirect script in chapter 1, but here it is again:

Build a normal page without using java (in this example let's say it's your index.html page).  Between the two <head> tags at the top, put the following script:

     <script LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
     <!--location.href = 'index1.html';

- That script will send java-enabled browsers to the alternate page 'index1.html' while keep java-disabled browsers at the present page.


Java tricks, animations, and effects will not increase your sales one iota and can actually cause harm by being a distraction and by crashing browsers.   Your reader shouldn't be thinking about anything else while he's reading your sales message, and if there's some weird bouncing icon in the corner of his screen, it will keep trying to draw his eye to it and make it hard to read.  And thats. . .



Java most likely will not create a single extra penny of wealth for you, and can cost you in time and money spent.  Because of this, think twice (or even three times) before using it. 

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