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If They Don't Believe You, They Won't Buy From You

Suppose you had the exclusive resell rights to a pill that, when taken once, made you richer than Bill Gates, smarter than Einsten, and gave you eternal life.

How Could You Sell It?

If the product claims were true, each pill would have a minimum value of $10,000,000.  But how could you get someone to buy it for that price?  Not just by writing that first paragraph and pointing to an order form to take their credit card, I'll tell you that!   Here's what you'd have to do:

1)  Say who you are, your real name.  Not just a fictitious business name that's easy to hide behind.  If you are a respected member of your community, an expert in your field, have had success in your field, or just have an interesting story, tell it.  The more people know about you the more they trust you.

Especially online, too many people try to hide their true identities.  By bending over backwards to explain who you are, you are head and shoulders above the rest.

2)  If you've taken the pill you are selling and it's given you results, tell about it.  But don't just tell about it:  Show your billion dollar bank statements.  Show people trying to kill you and being unsuccessful.  (Remember, you have eternal life.)  Explain what the heck E=MC2 means.  Make yourself an example that it works.

3)  Have other people had good experiences with it?  Get their testimonials to back you up, and be as specific as possible. Give the pill free to a destitute simpleton on his death bed.  Film his miraculous health recovery and increase in IQ and bank account.  While you're at it, try to get it covered as a news story.  A little free publicity never hurt, and it actually carries more credibility than you saying the same thing yourself.

4)  Be professional in every aspect.  Look successful.  Look businesslike.  Be able to take credit cards (discussed later).

5)  Don't use a lot of exclamation points.  Be enthusiastic without sounding like you're try to  'hype' them. 

6)  Make Them A No-Risk Offer.  Tell them if it doesn't do everything you promised and then some, that you'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

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