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If the sentences above resemble the ad copy youíre using online, I can tell you why the moneyís not rolling in: Youíre killing your credibility, which kills your sales. The exclamation point is the most over-used and abused character on the keypad these days, and the "quotation" key is getting mighty jealous. (Iíll explain what that means in a minute.)

Much in the same ways that insecure kids become bullies in the schoolyard to compensate for their weaknesses, unsure online marketers are littering their sales pitches with enough exclamation points to declare the internet a disaster area.

Tell-Tale Sign

If you feel your sales pitch needs a few dozen exclamation points to raise the enthusiasm level, itís a sure sign that your ad copy is weak and needs improving. Stating the benefits of your product with quiet self-assurance and backing it up with concrete facts, enthusiastic comments, and real testimonials will beat exclamation points any day of the week. (Testimonials donít get used nearly enough online - thatís what I meant about the Ďquotationí key being jealous.) 

Which of the following is more convincing to you?

1) Earn $100,000 a year or more with this exciting product!!!!

2) Our top rep earned $127,432 last year, and many others earned between $41,489 and $112,995. This proven product almost sells itself, and with our ongoing one-on-one help, you can do the same. Remember: Weíll be by your side every step of the way.

(Did you choose #2? So does everyone else.)

1) Our MLM is incredible!!!!!! Your downline does all the work!!!!! Most generous payout in the industry!!!! Thereís nothing else like this!!!!! Sign up now!!!!!!!

2) If youíre wary of MLM programs or have had bad luck with them in the past, I understand your skepticism. MLM has gotten a bad rap from a lot of fly-by-night companies selling shady products. Let me assure you that our program is completely different from anything youíve seen before. With our top-quality product, experienced leadership, and generous pay structure, we are positioned for success - especially for those who get in on the ground floor. Sign up right now and get all the facts immediately. If youíre not convinced itís everything Iíve said it is and more, your membership fee will be cheerfully refunded.

(Deal with known concerns - It makes your offer more believable.)

As you can see from the above examples, hereís the bad news: Writing without exclamation points requires more ad copy. (I call that bad news because for the people trying to write the ad, it seems like more Ďworkí.) In fact, when I re-work an ad that is riddled with !!!!ís, sometimes the ad winds up being 3 times longer than before.


The good news is that longer ad copy is necessary to make the point and to make the sale, and it maximizes your chances of success. 

If youíre still not convinced: Have you ever noticed that on your favorite television sitcoms you never notice the laugh-track? - Thatís because youíre laughing at the same time. On really BAD sitcoms, the laugh-track can drive you crazy with itís inane guffawing after every line. Thatís because the lines arenít funny, so the canned laughs feel forced and remind you how bad the show really is.

The same goes with exclamation points. Whey they naturally follow an unusual or strong statement, you donít even notice them. But when they follow sentences that just arenít convincing or exciting, they seem forced and actually DRAW ATTENTION to the fact that the ad doesnít seem genuine or effective.

The internet community is an intelligent, educated bunch. Theyíre more likely to read U.S. Weekly than The National Enquirer. They wonít be sold by empty hype and incomplete explanations. In addition, a good percentage of them have been taken advantage of through the internet before. Theyíre wary - and for good reason. Using too many exclamation points is the sign of an amateur, and people want to deal with professionals.

So go forward, be fruitful, and un-multiply! (Your exclamation points, that is.) 

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