The Mike Enlow Letter; 
Technology Marketing News  
Volume XIX

By: Michael E. Enlow, Technology Marketing Expert
Technology Marketing News

Dear Friends: 

This is a special issue of the Mike Enlow Letter, as I want to help you get off to a GREAT start with this new program, by sharing one of the most powerful and easy to use concepts I use with technologies and marketing to create profit centers. I've used this one single concept to earn millions of dollars...

Anyone can do it, and see profit in their pocket within days of reading this letter.  

Whether on or off the Internet, this concept is so powerful it will give you an unparalleled advantage - and resource for earning money like NOTHING ELSE I CAN TEACH YOU. In fact, if I had to choose from any ONE SINGLE WAY to make money this is it.

Anyone can follow what I will share with you this month, (those of you on the net have an incredible advantage) to create great success and income by leveraging off other's overlooked or unused assets. 

When I refer to assets - I am making a rather broad distinction, as I see assets as almost any and everything you have at your disposal (as you'll see) to leverage greater than almost any and everyone around you. 

Vendors, customers, properties, advertising efforts, and untold other assets are all avenues for gaining immediate leverage over almost everyone else in business. In fact, in all my years of business advisory work, I find less than one percent of those I counsel have a clue how simple and lucrative this one powerful concept can be towards your independence and financial success... 

I'm about to teach you, what prior seminar attendees have called, my "vapor marketing system." You are about to discover how to create wealth starting with NOTHING - and do so continuously until you are either as wealthy as you want to be, or you share it with so many people it will it will become impossible to get the deals.

Again, I stress 99.9% of the business owners today have no clue how simple it is to make more money, and you are about to become their liberator - and if you follow my step by step instructions, you'll also learn how you can create untold numbers of these type deals, or profit centers, which continue to pay you for many years to come. 

During my investigation into the many marketing applications of those who've earned millions and millions of dollars, I discovered the easiest and most profitable concept is one called "endorsement marketing" which in my opinion is the single most powerful way to gain immediate leverage - and share with others how this one concept can help them achieve instant cash-flow and ongoing residual income. 

What Do I Mean By Endorsement
or Joint Venture Marketing?

It's simple. 

Business men and women of all walks of life spend literally tens, often hundreds of thousands (even millions) to build "customer relations" - some much more effectively than others. This is what I call an "intangible asset" and one you as a "technology marketing scout" should be using in your business endeavors. 

I'll never forget how I made this discovery, and the incredible power it had in helping me earn about two million dollars. (This will usually get anyone's attention, wouldn't you agree?) 

Back in the early 90's, I was doing a lot of travel in my studies of the greatest marketing minds on earth, when I was met and subsequently become very good friends with one of the most astute marketing minds and writers of advertising sales copy, i.e., space ads, direct mail sales letters, radio scripts, etc., ever. His name is Gary Halbert. 

Gary taught me a lot about marketing, and all of it ties together at some place or another, but using endorsement mailings stuck out as the ultimate marketing method - and has often proven itself to be just that in many of my own endeavors. 

Endorsement marketing is simple...

All you have to do is become a "deal maker."

Here's a better idea of how it works. As I said earlier, almost any and everyone in business builds a client or customer base, which has an inherent value when inspected under this concept. Some customer lists are better than others, as some people are more trusted by their customers than others. One who corresponds with his customers monthly is much more "believed" than one who may only contact his or her customers once a year. 

A few of those with whom I've arranged "endorsement marketing opportunities" with have earned my company as much as three to five hundred thousand dollars in newfound income - I would have never received had it now been for the nature of the arrangements I made...

Generally, the owner of a certain kind of customer, *the endorser* will mail (phone, fax, e-mail) their customers a letter, notice, or opportunity to avail themselves of you, your services, product or other offering, with a *satisfaction guarantee* as well as a *privileged offer* "as part of my inner circle of customers" and you will see profits like you've never imagined. 

As I said before, if I had to choose a single method of marketing superior to all others, I would choose to arrange endorsement arrangements, what we also call joint venture arrangements, where others tell *their customers* of our brilliance, our incredibly beneficial, valuable, and/or quality service, and RECOMMEND they patronize our company. 

The most incredible (and most overlooked) benefit to another telling their customers of your greatness is the increase in response you will see, is most successful - based on the bond the reader (listener) has with the endorser. Quite frequently the increased responses can be as much as 3000% from having someone who's built a loyal customer base recommend you vs. mailing, calling or otherwise trying to sell that same group of people without the owner's endorsement.  Yes, you read correctly - up to 3000% Increased Responses! 

If you were to go to a mailing list broker, for example, and rent Wealth Builder's mailing list, prepare a well crafted proposal for your product, service, or offer, and direct mail it with your own cover letter, telling of your greatness, and offering even a "DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK" risk reversal or guarantee policy, you may get a 2 to 3% response rate of those who buy - assuming you are selling a fairly high priced unit of purchase.  

However, the EXACT same offer, if it were mailed by the list owner, with a single monarch sized letter insert, by Jerry telling of your nobility, your incredible worth, and his recommendation you read the enclosed offer, could easily pull as many as 10 times the responses, all because Jerry has treated his customers well, and they trust HIM!!!

EVEN though you may have to give away half the profit on the "endorsement offer" you still win - as you get many times the sales you would get by renting and mailing the list without Jerry's praise for you, your product or service by endorsement. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to gain immediate leverage... 

I've arranged deals like these with Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, and literally hundreds of others who've introduced their clients and customers to my more innovative techniques in marketing. These deals are so sweet, since you're downside is nothing more than the time it takes to put the deal together, which can be as little as 10 minutes - but yield thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in immediate sales... 

Now, I know, you are asking, "OK, Mike, well how does this apply to me and using the Internet? Isn't the net all about getting great leverage by spamming away - and reaching the masses with low cost (often called free) advertising?" "Isn't spamming the net with 'free ads' just as productive?" 

Absolutely not. I sing a resounding NO!!!!!  

In fact, a test we did during 1997, (which resulted in a rather nasty "net war" between Enlow Enterprises and it's licensees, and a group of self-appointed net cops over issues of morality, decency, legality, and fairness) proved spamming the world with your advertisement has become non-effective. (In fact we've proven by this marketing test - it is a total waste of time and bandwidth due to the many sleazy offers and the net populations perception of *all marketer's* who sell using bulk Usenet spamming our Email Spamming.) 

Unlike the early '90's when we first introduced the opportunities of using the Internet, FidoNet and other networks - people have become non-responsive to offers they receive by unsolicited spamming of the net - Usenet, etc. It once was different, but since so many hype artists began making b.s. offers, people have become violently opposed to ANY KIND of offers - legitimate or not...

Times have changed - and it's now time you explore and better understand the hundreds of other ways we use technologies and information to beat the pants off our competitors. I like to call it "investigative salesmanship" since I have a background in investigations... You'll better understand as you read on...  

Although you may have been taught to spam - and you may be doing as we were and offering a GIVE FIRST offer, to prove the value of your service, you will get deleted, or ignored right along side the five dollar pyramid schemer. (Not to mention, you may run into a group as we did who like to *fight* - and end up in a hornet's nest.) 

Frankly, I teach at all my seminars - not to spam the net with what I call "shotgun marketing" (that is shooting everywhere and hoping to hit a few of those who you should be targeting) but rather to use this incredible resource for gathering "intelligence" to help you find ways to leverage your business efforts using my many concepts.

One is to do joint ventures, or use other's proven research you abstract from competitive intelligence to "RIFLE MARKET" both on and off the net. There are thousands of ways one can use the net in a noble and ethical, (good citizen's way) that *will work* to gain you great profit - and it has nothing to do with spamming the net.

We DO NOT ADVOCATE SPAMMING - and I won't be so bold as to say we haven't considered it, and even advocated it many years ago, before it become non effective (and so terribly abused) and we discovered so many ways to use our system so much more profitably without creating enemies. So don't let that confuse you, we did spam, but once you learn why, you will see, I often create perceptions for the betterment of everyone - even at the cost of a few... I'll explain when the time is right. 

Back to the topic. How do we implement this concept of Joint Venturing and apply it to your business for immediate cash flow. It's simple... We'll explain in a step by step format. 

First, you use the Internet and it's many search engines to DISCOVER WHO ALREADY HAS THE CUSTOMER YOU WANT, but sells a noncompetitive product or service.  

Make a list of EVERYONE you find who meets these requirements - and notations of their phone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. All you must do to get this is to go to: and do a domain registration search for the .com, .org, .net, or other domain search to determine the principle persons you will want to get in touch with. You will often find they are the person who make decisions regarding their mailing list or customer list. The domain is the name to the immediate left of .com, .org, .net, etc. 

Example: If you do a whois query on you will see my name, phone number, and address as the domain contact. You will want to print out this information as you may often have to mail a first class letter or overnight courier letter (a copy of the letter we use is in the free report we will be sending you) to that person in order to get the opportunity to make your proposition. Find at least 10 to 15 companies who already have the customer you want to reach, do your whois queries, and prepare to create deals...


Write them a simple and to the point letter... Explain you are in XYZ type of business and you believe their customers would greatly appreciate what you have to offer - thus giving them a sense of nobility to their customers, and giving them a chance to make money doing it...  

If you are not good at writing letters that you feel will compel the prospective JV Associate to do business with you, have no fear.

In our free JV Report you may read by clicking here -you'll receive sample letters, and even examples you may need to arrange these type deals. It's not that difficult, and examples may help you...  

Once you send out your letter of introduction, opening the door for you to begin a dialogue and hopefully a joint venture endorsement gold mine... You follow the instructions in our report, get your agreement in contract we'll give you, and THEN... Arrange to continue doing deals with this same vendor - periodically, thus increasing your profits through the roof!!! You will be creating a ongoing profit center for many, many, years to come. 

Need help in finding those who have your customers, and get EXACTLY THE RIGHT PEOPLE? Here's a neat trick....  

Go to and download the program called Copernic, which will give you the ability to very easily do EXACT WORD MATCH searches across almost all the major search engines simultaneously, and then browse the results, as well as immediately write with our template letter to get these kind of JV's or Endorsement deals, by the dozens... One deal a month can mean tens of thousands in new found profits for each of you - and we've made it as easy as it will ever be - using our plan. 

I've spent the month creating a letter of introduction, added copies of our contracts you may feel free to modify, AND USE to arrange your own Joint Ventures. You will better understand the simplicity of doing business using this single concept. Most find it almost too hard to believe it is this easy to begin making five to six digit income a month, playing off of "other people's resources."  

You will need to hear how I arrange the deal, to protect yourself from circumvention, and to insure you get paid on every sale, no matter who takes the orders... (another good point - let the list owner take the orders if it saves the deal... Don't be hard-nosed" when you are achieving the greatest marketing technique ever and using other people's assets to get the deal...) There are no rules and while I often get 50/50 split on profit deals after taking away marketing and shipping costs - I'll often negotiate to much lower to get the first deal, especially if two conditions exist: 

1) The endorser has a large list 

2) The endorser is willing to allow me to bring him several other deals each year for endorsement, as long as they are honest, noble, and a good service to his customers. 

Few can see, this APPLIES in EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS and since you are on the net - you will see a number of ways to use these powerful concepts in your Web Store, or "Internet Marketing Techniques" to begin seeing such great profits it is almost beyond belief. 

Don't Be Myopic!!
You Don't Even Have To Have A Product To Do This!

That's right. You heard me right... You can become a scout for deals, by finding two companies who SHOULD BE DOING THESE KIND OF ENDORSEMENT DEALS - and by introducing them to the concept and helping in arranging the deal, take a nice percentage from either or both sides of the arrangement... I'm doing a deal even now between an attorney who offers credit repair and another gentleman who sells a program on how to eliminate debt... A perfect "marriage..." and an opportunity for me to create an ongoing monthly profit center.

I should continue getting checks from this single deal for years to come - all because I helped two parties better see how they could both DO A BETTER SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS - no one loses.  

And as I said above, if you do this right (the way I teach in our most recent report) you can actually see a profit from NOW ON from each deal you do... Imagine doing a deal a month and you earn an average of $10,000 (much larger profits are likely) and you do this faithfully - following through to do deals at half price next year, as long as you can do three - let's run the numbers, this is where it gets almost to hard to believe: 

52 weeks in a year, 1 JV a week = 52 deals a year. Assume the average profit after split to you is $10,000 per arrangement times 52 weeks, a total of five hundred twenty thousand dollars a year. But, let's go further - supposing you followed my road map, and arrange to do "half price deals" next year as long as you can do three deals a year assuming $5,000 profit per deal, times three = $15,000 per company and again assuming the worst case scenario (again, I've created our latest report that outlines everything, down to how to get the deal, but also *more importantly* how to get ongoing yearly revenue) and only 1/2 of those people doing the $15,000 a year, continue to let you help them discover the creative ways to use this ONE OF MANY concepts, I plan to be sharing with you this year - that's an additional $390,000. a year in newfound profits. 

Who can you marry up in J.V.'s or endorsements, and how do I get these kind of deals - this is where Internet and your newly installed software come into play... 

You MUST find the RIGHT KEYWORDS to find the sweetest deals... These are generally the perfect candidates for your training, and a "small piece of many small pies" are less noticeable, but can indeed create great wealth. 

Using the software demo I've told you to use, (you can do a lot of good using or, and one of the latest and most advanced search engines at, you can find loads of prospects) however, I feel you would do well to get the software, as you will also be learning how to use it to do *very powerful* research in your market, I call "competitive intelligence gathering" to gain an advantage using your "competitor's" information to gain immediate and incredible leverage.  

Load Copernic and type in the best keywords (often the same key words you will find in the "source code" of your and your competitor's web sites to help them get better placement on the search engines.) You can always use a very narrow search by keying in EXACT KEYWORDS you think will be those which will send you to those who may do endorsements about you, your products or services. As you find these web sites, select VIEW - "DOCUMENT SOURCE" you will quite often find JUST EXACTLY the key words of the customer you are seeking, meaning you and that site owner are prime candidates for "making a deal." 

Now let me tell you one of the most important factors in creating joint ventures that can make or break you. The greatest factor of importance in this effort is: How well bonded is the endorser with his or her customer list? Have they treated them right? Are they KNOWN WELL by their market? Do they have a "buyer's list" or just a "visitor list? (A buyer's list are those who have actually purchased from them, while a visitor's list, is usually created from what is called a "guest-book.") Guest-book visitors, will buy at a much lower response, and may have forgotten even haven ever come by and complain if your "JV Associate" sends them UCE - unsolicited commercial e-mail.. 

As stated above you will need to think careful and create a long list of exact keywords which will help you in finding those sites on the net who ALREADY HAVE THE CUSTOMER YOU WANT, but are noncompetitive with your offer. 

Another incredibly powerful tool for finding suitable opportunities for joint venturing your product, service or offer with others, is to use a program called: Internet Agents and use it's "meta-tag" search. This will often result in better quality JV opportunities since they are savvy enough to know to use Meta Tags in their Web Sites, and Internet Agents makes finding these sights a snap. Once you are complete with your search, you simply save your findings to a file name with the *.html extension, i.e., findings.html or all.html, and then open this file in your browser and browse from site to site, looking for those you feel may be open to a deal. Likewise, if you have a significant number of bonded customers, who trust you, you will be shopping for offers you can make your own list, which again are non- competitive, but servicing to your own friends and customers. 

I cannot stress the value of using this single concept of joint venturing, it is a good cross of use of the "investigative mind" and the "marketing mind" to create win/win deals for everyone - I'm living proof of just how priceless it can actually be... This, my friend is the beginning of a series of proven concepts you'll receive during 1999 to create great success - and THE TRUE METHODS of "technology marketing..."  

If you haven't already, Click Here and read your copy of the complete Joint Venture Report, titled:
Sand Castles to Empires - How To Start With Nothing and Create Great Wealth

You'll get copies of the letter to send prospects whom you feel may be good joint venture prospects, copies of our non-compete, non-circumvent agreement, which will allow you to discuss this concept without them stealing your intellectual property, as well as a copy of our standard Intellectual Property License, and Compensation Arrangement. You will also see in "Sand-Castles to Empires" how you can find other's who have customers, but lack marketing savvy and make a nice percentage of the money you make them by finding and aligning deals for them - this is a never ending profit center for you, and one I am doing more and more daily... 

Click Here to read the JV Report. Just follow the simple instructions - and feel free to call our office if we can help you to find the best possible leverage opportunities, or help you in landing that "big fish..." (big deal you can't afford to lose.

Also, if this is all new to you - we will work with you for a percentage of the profits of those deals
`Mr. Enlow closes for you on a three way call!

If all goes as I've experienced in the past - I've just given you your ticket to total financial independence - now all you have to do is, do something with it. 

Realizing this offer is made on the net, and approximately 95 out of 100 offers have some catch, or they are outright untruths - I'll be sharing the testimonials of those who use this FREE report to gain more cash-flow by the end of '99 than anyone in history... AND I'll PROVE IT.

It's a sad, sad world, when everyone thinks the next guy is trying to take advantage of you. I detest it...

See: (You'll need to download a free copy of the Acrobat Reader from ) This report is a short story written by a ghost writer who once worked for me, titled: Who Is Mike Enlow, so you may get a better feel of exactly who you're dealing with... Not everyone on the net is trying to take your hard earned money without giving back MUCH MORE than you expected...  

Good luck - and if we can be of service to you in any way, just drop a message to me personally at Tell me what you need and how I can help to get your business off to a great start.


Michael E. Enlow, Pres. 

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