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An Open Letter From Mike Enlow To All Friends
Customers and Subscribers

From Michael E. Enlow, President
Saturday, 06.35 a.m.

Re: Business and Health Update

Dear Friends and Subscribers:

Please accept this note as a business update – that I have made the decision to contract with a very select few clients, to work their lists, newsletter promotions, direct mail campaigns, magazine advertisements, lead generators, etc. I will review those who submit the Joint Venture Application, and in reviewing them - will contact those I believe I can best serve. All services will be on a commission of increased profits basis - and will be contracted under a contract of confidentiality.

Furthermore, we will once again be making The Masters of Marketing Inner Circle video, audio, books, software, transcripts etc., available to those of you who have not joined before. Old members will be receiving updates periodically from the archives of my library where we are reviewing thousands of pages of sales copy, ads, etc., which should be of great benefit to you as I review them (the winners and losers) side by side to aid you in doing better jobs of creating successful sales campaigns. The MMIC Program will no longer be streamed from the Internet full time - but will only be available to *new members* who are awaiting the arrival of their CD's by rush delivery..

Since my retirement seven years ago – I’ve entrusted many business endeavors to other people, but that will no longer be the case – I will be personally checking in daily to insure you receive *only the most professional and compassionate treatment* you’ve come to expect when dealing with me and my various companies.

New members will receive all fifty plus hours – as well as the newest footage on Joint Venture Marketing, along with sample lead generating letters, contracts, and other material needed to structure and execute joint ventures.. Members should also note, that I will personally consult with you by answering your marketing questions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I will be consulting via email with members only, to assist you in any way possible; developing sales copy, selecting advertising media, reviewing web site layout, flow, and content. Both new and renewing members can expect these services as part of the annual package of benefits - along with other material as referenced in the membership letter.

In time we will also be hosting various interactive services that will enable me to work even closer with members of MMIC. Many additional benefits will be provided for members in our password protected areas as they are developed here at enlow.com and other servers. 

As mentioned above, literally thousands of pages of “my life in advertising” are being reviewed and many of those will also be made available in the passcode protected areas of the site. I will also be publishing various reports as technologies are discovered. Members will be provided these reports in addition to The Mike Enlow Letter.

If you were a member in the past – you will be granted special admittance– and a huge savings of off the cost to renew your annual membership. As a returning member - I plan to provide you a special monthly report *reserved only for returning members who were MMIC Members before my absence - which will be unavailable by any other means - unless you are a two year subscriber, just joining. All I can say without saying too much about the monthly reports is... They follow the concept of my Inside Secrets Newsletter regarding various "investigations" I've done over the past few years - and will provide you the answers to all the following bullets during the next 1 year period. The only way to get your hands on these reports is to agree to the provisions of the buyers agreement here.

I Will Guarantee Each of You Is - You Will Learn How To Make No Less Than 70% Increased Profits of I'll Triple Your Money Back - At The End of The Year!

Never before have I shared much of what I will share in The Webcast Updates - but in the "Eyes Only" reports - I am 1000% convinced each of you will be more impressed than ever before... I have not only made these discoveries - I've used them - and they *work*. You'll have a full year to use these priveleged secrets before I release even a single one to anyone. My promise, and a sure bet for you guys to "come back home...".

Thanking you for your understanding while we are under construction, I remain,

Sincerely yours,
Mike Enlow
Michael E. Enlow

PS.  If you were already a member of our Masters of Marketing Inner Circle paid web site, and have any questions, please send them to me via webmaster@enlow.com with the SUBJECT saying: MMIC MEMBER. I'll respond at my earliest convenience.  Please be patient as these first few months are going to be extremely hectic.

PPS. I have also received a number of requests by those of you who wish me to evaluate your complete programs, advertising, web sites, auto-responders, packaging, risk reversals, etc., since I shall become extremely busy during January & February, I want you to submit as much info as possible to me, so when time will allow, I can help you.