Read What Professionals World-Wide Are Saying About Mike Enlow And His Incredible "Minimal Risk - Make *Immediate Cash Flow* Success System!  

"When you use technology marketing tactics to minimize or eliminate risk, you simply can not fail! That's the key to my system." 

Here are quotes from many of America's most highly respected marketing advisors, when Mike Enlow first shared the potential of his amazing 'Technology Marketing System' at a giant 700 person seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada, and another in Key West, Florida, that subsequently led to what many mistake as "Internet Commerce" and spamming the net - it's much, much more - and much more profitable. 

Ted Nicholas: The Famous $200,000,000 Self Publisher, Author of the book: "How To Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $50." 

"I am about to share with you a marketing discovery that could very well be one of the most remarkable and powerful marketing tools you'll come across in a lifetime. It's one of those events that only occur probably once in a decade... a breakthrough idea that can benefit a select group of entrepreneurs before the rest of the world knows what's happening. This new technology is so powerful; it could make you very wealthy very soon. But now's the time when it looks most promising before it becomes heavily regulated. It's your chance to "move with change" -- to advance your marketing skills beyond your wildest dreams." 

$3,000 An Hour Marketing Consultant, Jay Abraham, America's Highest Paid & Most Demanded Marketing Expert; As Mentioned in The LA Times, NY Times, and USA Today: 

"Mike has used technological advances in his investigative endeavors for over a decade. He has become so efficient in his use of technology to achieve success in his investigative assignments that he has become recognized as one of America's foremost Legal Investigators, and was able to retire at 30 years age... 

You are about to discover a new way of investigative analytical, strategic marketing during what Mike calls "the technology gap" which affords the more adept marketer an absolute unfair advantage... 

Once in a decade something really profound happens that can change the fate and fortunes of people in business... In my honest opinion everybody gets one big chance at the plate; people swing and they strike out, or most people don't swing, or they bunt and don't take seriously the opportunity." 

Gary Halbert, Founder of The Famous "Family Crest/Coat of Arms" Marketing Promotion That Earned Over $45 Million Dollars The First Year And Holds The Record as The Most Ever Mailed Direct Mail Promotion In World History... 

Here's What Gary Had To Say About Mike Enlow's Revolutionary Marketing System: 

"You know, I've given and, been a guest speaker at many seminars but... I've never been at any seminar that generated as much excitement as this one. The information revealed was so incredible... it even blew my mind... The audience (including me) was so electrified. After his talk, Mike was mobbed by my attendees... For Six Hours! And not just my attendees either. He was also mobbed by the other speakers (all marketing experts) like Ted Nicholas, Dan Kennedy, Brad Antin, Kyle Hunter, Gene Dowdle and... ME! I believe electronic marketing is going to make a number of people millionaires in the next 18 to 24 months." 

More Client Testimonials from live Mike Enlow seminars:

Richard Vaught, M.D., South Sioux City, NE

"I attended your seminar in December. It is very unusual for a doctor to attend a marketing seminar, but I think it was one of the best things I have done in the past 20 years." 

"I was amazed at the depth of insight I received on marketing. Using your ideas, concepts, and training, I have set-up two programs to help other doctors benefit from these strategies." 

"The first program is so exclusive that I will offer it to only one doctor in each city or area. My research suggests that even using the lowest estimates for the number of cities and the ‘per doctor charge’ I will get a minimum return of $250,000 in six to eight months. That is over 20 times the investment." 

"The other program can be used in an almost unlimited way for many doctors in each city. This program will take a little longer and about $3,000 more for distribution, but I estimate a minimum return of $500,000 from this concept within the first year." 

"That will be another 40 times my investment, or over 6,000 percent return in one year. Actually, I expect it to do even better. And that is using just one of your ideas." 

"You have shown me how to test ideas first so that I don't have to spend a lot of money to get a program up and working. Now I spend a little money, a moderate amount of time and a lot of thinking power instead. And the best part is that I can follow your philosophy of helping people by giving them more than they pay for or expect. I can ‘under-promise and over-deliver’, and that makes me feel good." 

"With your help I will be able to give up the practice of medicine in two years and begin to enjoy my life and my family again. I am sure that I will continue to be a student of marketing ‘a la Mike Enlow’, for there is much yet to learn, but you have given me the confidence to make my own decisions and to act on them."

Beth O'Neill, Eudora, KS
 "You're a genius! Just wanted to let you know that the ‘free’ tip you gave me brought in 100% more responses to my offer compared to my classified ad responses! In just 3 days! At zero cost to me! and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg since I can quadruple (or more!) this response within the next week! If I can get these results with a FREE tip from you, then I can't imagine what I'll get when I pay for your wisdom" 

Peter Starr, Marketing Consultant, Thousand Oaks, CA

"Mike... since I came back from your seminar in New Orleans, I've successfully negotiated a huge employment contract for a client that has allowed him to become a millionaire due to my savvy negotiating skills. I helped double his income to $400,000 per year with tremendous profit guarantees and Mike, no lawyer could have made this deal work." 

"What I brought to the table was an insight and an instinct that began to gel while I was with you in New Orleans. Mike, I feel real good about my direction and can see the way... For this, I must say THANK YOU. It feels good to see how I can really take advantage of skills that have been buried inside me for too long."

Dr. Rick L. Briggs, Dublin, OH
"Mike, after having implemented only a fraction of what you taught, I foresee my monthly income of $10,000 to double in the next six months, then double again the following six months. Based on the marketing strategies I learned my future is secure. I now have the technological advantage over my competitors. The sky's the limit thanks to you." 

Henry Omiya, Irvine, CA

"After attending the seminar, I developed the confidence to take the position and responsibility as the National Marketing Director for our product line. My annual income for my achievements will be considerably more than the initial compensation. My conservative estimated annual income is in excess of a million dollars."

"My net worth will be in direct proportion to the growth of the business. This can all be attributed to what I learned from Mike at his seminar. And with Mike on my side, I see nothing but continued success... Thank you Mike!"

Dr. Reginald Howard, Birmingham, AL

 "Eureka!!! Once again you have ‘cracked the code’ to unlock new technological ways to wealth and prosperity. The ‘Paperless-Staffless Office’ has long been an entrepreneur's dream. But as always, you turn dreams into reality." 

"The ideas, concepts, and technologies you reveal are always precise and dead on target. I've been to seminars from coast to coast presented by the biggest names in marketing, but this is The ONE!!! You've given me so much to work with I can't help but feel like a Million Bucks." 

"Oh, by the way, that's exactly what I am going to make over the next 12 months by doing things your way, The Enlow Way. Where there is a will, there is always a way... The Enlow Way!!!"

Arthur Weathers, Griffin, GA
 "You lied to me... You promised that within six months I would earn twice the amount of the $15,000 seminar fee by applying a few of the principles you taught me! Well that didn't happen... I earned 4 times the $15,000 from just one idea! And it took six weeks, not six months" 

"And that was just the beginning. I used your electronic ‘survey’ technique to find out that most of the readers of my newsletter wanted a seminar in the Atlanta area, and they told me exactly which clinicians they wanted to hear speak." 

"Using that knowledge, I scheduled one seminar that earned me in excess of $100,000. Not bad for two day's work. Keep up the good work - It's refreshing to find someone who delivers more than promised!"

Russ Raddatz: W. Columbia, S.C.
 "I learned more truly valuable information in three action-packed days than I have learned in my past 20 years in sales and marketing. I landed a deal this week with a company that has a patented anti-fungal cream with unique properties that would appear to have only a niche market appeal." 

"With what I learned at your seminar, I was able to quickly identify where the real market was, the size of that market and how to get to them cost effectively. With the heat seeking missile accuracy of my genius (which I got from you, Mike) I was able to show my client how they will double their net revenue and capture millions more loyal customers." 

"By implementing my plan versus traditional channels of distribution, they will make $7.00 per unit of sale, instead of $2.70. That's almost three times as much as they were willing to accept. The icing on that cake is... I will make the $7.00 per unit!" 

"Mike, I can't thank you enough for sharing your expertise with me. Even though you get more expensive every year, it's worth it!" 

... and even more testimonials from consulting clients:

"Mike Enlow - Marketing Genius Extraordinaire!!! Half an hour consultation with Mike Enlow today have absolutely exploded my marketing paradigm! My business is now turbo-charged for success. Thank you Mike, the ideas that you shared with me today regarding co-ventures have totally reset my thinking. I would venture to say a 700% increase in my business in the next 4-6 months is within reach and possibly downright conservative. Thanks Mike you have made my day!"
Jack Reid, Elmont, N.Y. 

"You're a genius! Just wanted to let you know that the "free" tip you gave me brought in 100% more responses to my offer compared to my classified ad responses! In just 3 days! At zero cost to me! and I'm only at the tip of the iceberg since I can quadruple (or more!) this response within the next week! If I can get these results with a FREE tip from you, then I can't imagine what I'll get when I pay for your wisdom!"
Beth O'Neill, Eudora, KS 

"What a difference you made in my life. The best can only get better! This can't be happening. I've read and watched Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert, Bill Meyers, Ted Nicholas and many more. They're just the layers of my cake but your the ICING! Mike Enlow has come further, faster, and with more substance than anyone. I knew, if I really wanted to make it in the marketing business you were my best bet. Thank you for showing me the door to the bakery because now I'm really cooking and I'm on a roll. Thanks!"
Ken Bliss, Miami, FL 

"In my numerous forays into the marketing arena, I have never dealt with anyone who was so conscientious and dedicated and has as many concepts and ideas in putting forth a marketing program. I also appreciate your integrity--it allows me to go ahead with confidence."
Dr. Wilfred Laine, Palos Alto, Ca. 

I have been to seminars given by some of the top people in the world: Bob Allen, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Zig Ziglar, etc. Without question your (Meeting of The Millionaires) Retirement/Wedding - Investigative Revelation - No Hype - All B. S. Banned - First and Last of It's Kind Marketing Conference is the best seminar I have ever attended. I'll bet one or more of the distinctions I gained will translate into at least $100,000 more income in my business within the next 30 days. Where a lot of so-called "marketing geniuses" promise a lot and deliver some, you promise a lot and deliver more than you promise.
Michael Thaxton Las Vegas, NV 

YOU TRULY LIVE YOUR U.S.P. to GIVE FIRST AND PROVE YOUR WORTH! Wow! My mind is still reeling from our conversation! With the help you gave, the effort needed to put in will be nominal to get a huge return! I'd like to share seven specific ideas I learned from our conversation that are helping me build my business RIGHT NOW! 

You gave me all the following in a telephone call - in a flash. Wow! 

1) A great, and possibly the only, way to make Internet marketing work, 2) Some great headlines, 3) Two ways to build perceived value, without a lot of work!, 4) Two ideas to bring my product to market fast AND create the cash surge I need, 5) How to overcome my obstacles to broadening my market base - a gift that will increase my base (and my profits) by a 1000%! 6) How leveraging really works, and a concrete example to share with my clients, 7) What it really means to give! (This example is the one that will make me the most success!) 

Mike, do most of your clients feel like they should give you a testimonial every time they talk to you? I hope so my friend-- that's certainly how I feel! You are a model for entrepreneurs everywhere!"
Terisito Dabrieo, Chicago, IL 

"Mike Enlow is, without a doubt, one of the most ingenious, professional direct response marketers I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Bottom line - his integrity is above reproach. His products & services- superior. His expertise, especially on "electronic marketing-" right on the money. When you deal with Mike, you know you'll get a fair deal & an honest answer. Because you're tired of all the hype & empty promises, you'll want to seriously consider retaining Mike Enlow for your business."
Cheri Sigmon, York, SC 

"I'm embarrassed to admit the great amount of money I have spent over the years searching for the people and products I wanted to be associated with. But that search finally paid off. I am more than delighted to be a participant in your direct mail programs. This is the combination I've been looking for and may soon become my full-time effort. I almost tripled my money in less than 90 days! Not only that, but you and your team did all the work!!! I fully expect this friendly business relationship we've started will continue to be profitable to both us and our customers for a long time to come."
Jack Rosio, Wheaton, IL 

"THANK YOU!!! You will indeed be greatly rewarded for your life time efforts, energies, and contributions to humanity. The ways you have served and given to "people" will reward you a hundred fold. Dynamite stuff Mike!" Elwyn Dudar, Reddeer, Ca. 

"Mike simplifies procedures to where anyone can use them and to where they are understandable whether or not you have technical experience. In addition, he may be the most interesting person you'll ever meet."
Virginia Healy, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 

"It is not often that we are lucky enough to be blessed with a friend that will go the extra mile. Thank you Mike! I must say that we all owe you a debt of gratitude and I know for sure that the good Lord will give you your just rewards in heaven!"
Ed Lamb, L. A., CA 

"Mike Enlow is a hard-working consultant. His advice is solid and sensible, easy to follow. After listening to him, the decisions to be taken seem clear and obvious. In addition to his expertise, the most reassuring of Mike's qualities is his sense of values. He has demonstrated a solid integrity in his business deals. He delivers what he promises. His concepts are giving new impetus to my business."
Carlos Angel, Cheyenne, WY 

My conference with Mike Enlow was a great opportunity to find out the latest in marketing techniques. I truly feel my money was well spent in acquiring this "hot off the press" information. Mike's ability to formulate marketing ideas "on the fly" is very impressible indeed."
David Lawson, Gurnee, IL

 I have been to seminars given by some of the top people in the world: Bob Allen, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Gary Halbert, Ted Nicholas, Zig Ziglar, etc. Without Question your retirement/wedding electronic marketing seminar is the best seminar I have ever attended. You're a man of your word. Truly you and your guest speakers gave us your Ace. You held nothing back.

I am leaving this seminar with at least a dozen ideas that I can implement immediately on Monday morning, when I get back. I'll bet you that/or more of the distinctions I gained will translate into at least $100,000 more income in my business within the next 30 days... Where a lot of so-called marketing geniuses promise a lot and deliver some, you promise a lot and deliver more than you promise.
Michael Thomas - Las Vegas, NV:

... And of course, hot off the fax today (three months after the seminar) from a skeptical, but now happy customer!

J. P. - Portland, OR: With the tremendous help of your tapes, I EXPLODED a narrow idea of mine into a gigantic business. . . I bought the tapes to the First and Last of its Kind Marketing Conference. I called Mike's office to see if I could return them unopened for a refund. Mike answered the phone... He talked me into at least looking at the tapes. I listened to the tapes and took a small niche idea and EXPLODED IT! I called Mike from a pay-phone to tell him how everything had worked out... Thank God I kept the tapes as the development of this new business ideas is the opportunity I have been looking for... 

These people are all ordinary business people like you. They’re out to "bring home the bacon" and like you, they want to bring home as much bacon as they can! And that they do... So can you!